High-Tech Eco Friendly Products

Eco-friendly products are often conceived of as being less technological alternatives and, while its true that many traditional methods of doing our daily chores can use less energy, there are many eco friendly innovations that are at the cutting edge of technology.Innovators, in a bid to make items efficient, are utilising all the latest technologies and methods in many of the latest eco gadgets and tools.Solar PowerSolar power is a great example. Solar technology has moved a long way since the days of solar powered calculators; there are now a myriad of gadgets and gizmos that can get power, for free from the sun.Solar powered chargers can utilise the sun to charge all the latest technology: from MP3 players to laptops. The energy that solar power can generate is now quite astonishing.Solar powered garden lights can generate very powerful illumination – even after overcast days in Britain!But other eco friendly technologies are at the cutting edge too. Wind up radios, which are only a recent innovation, have moved on and many can recharge mobile phones and other items as well as receiving radio stations – and now similar technology is being used in other gadgets too, such as the dynamo electric razor.Water PowerOne of the most exciting innovations has been to extract energy from water.This is a technology that is still in its infancy and at the moment water power can only generate enough energy for water powered clocks and other low energy items. But if the potential of the technology follows the same advances as solar and other sustainable energy sources then water power may one day power far more devices, gadgets and appliances.